Best Worm Drive Saws 2021: Buying Guides & Reviews

For avid woodworkers, finding the right tool for their job is an imperative achievement. This is why it is necessary to find the best worm drive saw for handling your cutting tasks in the workshop. These saws come in handy for nearly all wood cutting tasks instead of using hacksaws, which are tiresome and inconveniencing. When shopping for these saws, it is worth checking for specific features and functionalities. For instance, you can consider the power of the blade and bevel capacity to identify the right saw for you.

Here are the best worm drive saws currently in the market:

Quick Summary

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Review Section: Best Worm Drive Saws 2020

#1, SKILSAW (SPT77WML-01) 15-Amp

Featuring the lightest magnesium construction for reduced user fatigue and less downtime, the SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 saw is a unique circular saw. The cut-depth system of the saw provides for quick and accurate depth measurements. This goes a long way in ensuring the accuracy of cuts made using the saw. This solidly built and strong saw cuts through thick timber and board with much ease and accuracy depending on your preferences.

Ease of use

The SKILSAW SPT77WML-01 saw is incredibly lightweight, thereby making it easy to handle and control in the hands. It is also simple to use thereby making it a perfect choice for heavy-duty cutting tasks in the workshop. The 15-Amp motor in the saw provides sufficient power to cut through all types of wood including extremely hardwoods and boards. The maximum cutting capability of this saw at 90-degrees is 2 3/8 inches. It also allows for 53 degrees beveling with stops at 0 and 45 degrees. This enables users to make a wide variety of cuts.

Good quality and unique design

The design and consequent construction of this worm drive saw are done professionally such that this SKILSAW saw is of a high-quality. The anti-snag (lower) guard in the saw provides for smooth operation especially when cutting through small pieces. This in turn provides for exceptional cutting performance and experience that works best for both amateurs and professional woodworkers. This affordably priced saw features a cut-ready system that allows for instant use right from the box.

  • Features an anti-snag guard for protective
  • Solid and high-quality construction
  • Ease of handling and use
  • Lightweight
  • The motor is not sufficiently powerful for heavy-duty tasks in an industrial workshop.

#2, Makita (5477NB) 7-1/4” Hypoid Saw

The Makita 5477NB is a classy hypoid saw that boasts of efficient hypoid gears that deliver intense power and a wider surface contact compared to conventional drive gears. Powered by a powerful 15 Amp motor that provides for increased productivity, this saw is easy to handle and control when cutting. Unlike other saws in its class, this Makita saw comes with sealed gear housing. This goes a long way in providing for less maintenance while at the same time providing sufficient protection to the users.

Lightweight construction

The magnesium components used in the construction of this hypoid saw creates a well-balanced and lightweight saw that is tough for daily use at the Jobsite. Consequently, the lightweight nature of the saw ensures that the saw does not strain the user’s hands even when used for long durations. The best thing about this saw is that despite it being highly sophisticated, it does not require any special skills to handle and use. As such, you can purchase it for your hobbyist workshop and even for freelance woodworkers.

Excellent durability and reliability

The hypoid gears are reinforced using an oil-bath gear coat that makes the saw highly durable and maintenance-free. As such, it becomes affordable and easy to use the saw for all types of woodcutting even in an industrial workshop. What is more amazing about this saw is that its performance is consistent throughout its lifetime. As such, you will not experience any decline in performance when using the saw. The motor in the saw has an output of 4500 RPM thereby providing sufficient power for professional and contractor-grade jobs.

  • High power output and performance
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Intense cutting power
  • Easy to use
  • The saw is heavy for young users

#3, DEWALT (DCS577B) Flexvolt 60V Max (7 ¼”) Framing Saw

With a 53-degree Bevel capacity with stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees, the DEWALT DCS5778B framing saw boasts of an efficient brushless motor. This motor provides for smooth and accurate cuts on the working surface. The saw features an electronic brake that stops the blade instantly after releasing the trigger. This enhances the safety of the user while the integrated dust blower provides for a clear-cut line as it blows off dust from the surface. The brushless motor guarantees smooth and accurate cuts while at the same time enhancing the longevity and durability of the saw.

Cordless and user-friendly

The best thing about this DEWALT saw is that it is cordless and thus easy to move around within the workshop. A battery that is rechargeable after every use powers the saw. This incredible saw makes it possible to work in outdoor workshops without electricity or other sources of power. The nominal voltage of the battery is 18 volts. Due to its conventional design and build concept, the saw is not only user-friendly but also safe for use without worrying about the risk of suffering injuries.

Intense power output

With a 5800 RPM output, this DEWALT saw produces enough power to cut through even the hardest wood types and boards. As such, it is a reliable tool for use in both hobbyist and commercial workshops. The saw is designed for an unlimited variety of cutting applications for wood such as hardwoods, plywood, dimensional lumber, flooring, and oriented strand board. The bevel capacity of the saw is 2-7/6 inches at 90 degrees. The blade of the saw is on the left thereby allowing the woodworker to have a clear-cut path for accuracy.

  • Long battery hence no need for frequent recharging
  • Intense and powerful output at 5800 RPMS
  • Solid and sturdy construction
  • Decent safety features.
  • Lacks an electric brake

#4, Milwaukee 6391-21 (15 Amp) 7 ¼” Circular Saw

Milwaukee is one of the most reputable brands for several items including woodwork tools such as worm drive saws. True to this, the Milwaukee 6391-21 saw is designed for use by pro contractors who are keen on having a powerful tool for all their wood cutting needs. The saw is fitted with a powerful 15amp motor that delivers impressive 4,400 RPMs for maximum cutting power. The saw comes with a cutting capacity that is capable of cutting through hard and heavy-duty applications.

Durable and sturdy gear

The cutting gear in the 6391-21 worm drive saw is made using hardened steel, which in turn ensures that the gear is resistant to breaking even when cutting through extremely hardwood. Additionally, the extreme hardness of the gear ensures that the saw is able to deliver maximum torque when in use. The most amazing aspect about this saw is that despite its strong and solid construction, it is considerably lightweight. This allows for easy and definite control especially when making angular cuts.

Magnesium housing and composite shoe

The magnesium housing of this Milwaukee saw not only enhances the appearance of the saw but also provides a protective shell to the internal parts of the saw. The heavy-duty composite shoe in the saw is incredibly strong and hence does not warp, bend or break even under extremely heavy loads. The unique oil site glass in the saw makes it easy to check the level of oil in the saw for immediate refilling when necessary. Ideally, this saw is an excellent choice for woodworkers who are keen on having a reliable, efficient and dependable saw that is also pocket-friendly.

  • Well built with a sturdy and solid construction
  • High top speed and powerful output
  • Ease and flexibility of use
  • Great cutting depth
  • Requires careful handling thus not ideal for beginners

#5, Bosch (7 ¼) Worm Drive –Circular – Saw (CSW41)

This worm drive saw from Bosch is designed for use by skillful and creative woodworkers who are interested in making unique and classy cuts. The lightweight design and build of the CSW41 Bosch circular saw allow for better control and comfort when using the saw. The magnesium construction of this saw guarantees increases in fatigue and no user fatigue. As such, you can use the saw for long durations without worrying about straining your hand muscles. The anti-snag lower guard in this circular saw ensures smooth operation especially when dealing with cut-off pieces.

Increased torque and performance

Despite weighing only 13.2 lbs, the CSWA41 saw boasts of torque of up to 5300 RPM delivered by the all-powerful 15-amp motor. This torque makes the saw ideal for several cutting applications including making angular cuts. The worm-drive design of the saw offers enhanced accuracy and precision as well as unmatched performance for high-quality cutting work. Therefore, you can rely on the saw for cutting tasks both in a hobbyist workshop as well as in a commercial industrial workshop.

Convenience and handling comfort

The onboard (multi-function) wrench feature in the CSW41 provides for convenient lever adjustments, blade diamond knockout and blade & brush changes. This saves you the time and effort you could have spent if undertaking these changes and adjustments manually. Additionally, this Bosch saw comes with an inbuilt tool hook that provides for convenient storage. The handle of the saw boasts of a soft grip that provides for unique comfort and a relaxed feeling in the hands when holding the saw.

The secret to finding the right and best worm drive saw to invest in depends on the market research you undertake. This is why it is necessary to read online reviews on saws to determine their efficiency and reliability. Always settle on a saw that will deliver beyond your expectations and has all the functionalities and features you need. The performance, reliability, build quality and ease of use should among the top considerations when looking to invest in a high-end worm drive saw.

  • Well built with a sturdy and solid construction
  • Powerful output and dependable performance
  • Lightweight but durable construction
  • Great cutting depth
  • Require mains power source hence not mobile like cordless saws

Buyer Guides Section: What is a worm drive saw?

Worm drive saws are probably the most widely used saw by a majority of woodworkers primarily due to its conventional mode of operation. These saws feature an abrasive or toothed disc/blade for cutting wood and other materials through a rotary motion that spins around an arbor. These saws are ideal for cutting different materials including wood, plastic, masonry or metal. The saws are mountable onto a machine or handheld for ease of use and convenience depending on the surface you are cutting.
Modern worm drive saws use electric power but there are others that use hydraulic motors or gasoline engines for power. Electric worm drive saws are easier and cheaper to maintain since the wear and tear of their parts are limited. Cuts made by these saws are usually straight and accurate. The setting of the saw is done geometrically for all desired cutting angles.

How does a worm drive saw work?

Using a worm drive saw accurately, safely and with utmost precision requires some practice and a great deal of patience. These saws use several gears for connecting the motor and the saw blade arbor. The saw is long and the blade is placed on the left side for convenience when cutting. The trigger handle is at a much lower position than in a straight drive saw. Consequently, when the worm drive saw should be held in front than above the operator. This trigger position allows for easily cutting the material of choice by freehand rather than by straining your hands.
Before you perfect your cutting skills with this saw, it is necessary that you take time to improve and polish your cutting skills before you attempt making accurate freehand cuts. For left-handed people, using these saws can prove to be quite challenging and problematic especially due to the trigger handle’s rearward position.

Why are worm drive saws left-handed?

For woodwork experts and amateurs who have used worm drive saws, it is common knowledge to them that these saws are left-handed. This is not a mistake since the aligning of the saw blade to the left is designed to provide right-handed operators with a clear field of view of the blade as it goes through the cut line. With a clear visibility of the cutting blade and surface being cut, it becomes easy to make precise and accurate cuts. For left-handed people, using these saws can be quite tricky but you can maneuver your way around the saws for perfect cuts.

Cutting line visibility

Cutting line visibility in worm drive saws determines the ease and accuracy with which you will be able to make perfect cuts. Making perfect crosscuts using these saws requires you to have a clear visibility of the cutting line. Hold the worm drive saw securely and tightly against the piece of timber/board and align the blade along the cut line. Always ensure that the cut line is straight so that the blade makes smooth and straight cuts. Then squeeze the saw’s trigger while pressing the saw tightly on the board and let the saw reach its full speed.

The maximum cutting depth

The maximum cutting depth of a worm drive saw is an important consideration when looking to buy the best saw. This is because this depth plays an important role in determining the effectiveness of the saw depending on the tasks you want to accomplish with the saw. This depth depends on the capacity of the blade. Large blades produce deep cuts. The most popular diameter is 7 ¼ inches. Blade diameters of 6 inches and above cut through two-inch dimensional lumbers at 45 degrees with a single pass. Generally, saws with small blade capacities are easy to control and are light in weight. The ideal blade capacity to purchase is influenced by the type of cutting work you want to be doing with the saw.

What to look for in the best worm drive saw?

Cut-line indicator

This unique feature makes it easy and possible to make straight and precise cuts. The indicator allows you to track where the blade will cut through. Without this indicator or if it is inaccurate, it can be extremely difficult for beginners to use this saw effectively and reliably. A good indicator lets you cut on either side of the blade (right or left) depending on the cut of preference.

Power usage

The power usage of worm driver saw determines its consumption, and by extension, the cost of running and maintaining the saw. High amps and volts produce more cutting power thereby making such saws perfect choices for commercial and heavy-duty usage in industrial setups. Some models and brands are known for heavy power consumption and hence, such brands may not be an ideal choice especially for simple use at home.

Ease of operation

Some of the worm drive saws in the market are expressly hard to operate and use. Such saws are practically impossible to use especially for beginners. Ideally, you should only settle on saws that are easy to operate even for beginners. It is worth noting that the ease of operation also affects the safety standards of using such a saw. For instance, it is easier to suffer injuries from saws that are complex and hard to use than from those whose handling and operation is easy.

It is necessary that you read and understand the manufacturer’s provisions on the handling, use, operation and storage of the saw of choice. This is because the wrongful operation of these tools can result in fatal injuries. Additionally, only purchase saws that come with the best blade protection and guard for your own safety.

Maintaining the saw is vital in ensuring that it remains in pristine working conditions throughout its life. Consequently, maintenance also affects the efficiency and reliability of the saw in a way that your worm drive saw can be used for decades without breaking apart. Never use a saw to cut through a material other than that which the manufacturer provides for in the user guide.

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