Dewalt Dcs380b Review

DeWalt has over the years continually developed high-end workshop tools and equipment. The 20V Max Compact Reciprocating Saw is a creative invention by DeWalt that is designed for perfect sawing even in tight positions. This reciprocating saw boasts of a functional design that features a lightweight for easy handling and control. Weighing only 5 pounds, the saw has an impressive length of 14.5 inches.  This compact size makes it possible for the saw to fit between studs when working around framing.  The most fascinating aspect about the saw is that it is not complex to handle and operate. As such, you can use the tool with much ease even for less experienced users.


Power and Performance

There is nothing that beats a combination of power and performance when it comes to reciprocating saws.  This is why DeWalt has prioritized on the functionality of the saw by ensuring that it delivers high cutting speeds.  The 1-1/8” stroke length of the saw delivers fast cutting speeds that guarantees efficient cuts at all times.  The saw comes with a variable-speed trigger that enables up to 3,000 SPM (Strokes per minute).  This in return provides for enhanced blade control, precision and accuracy.  Consequently, the intense power possessed by the saw makes it possible for the saw to power through even the most demanding tasks with great ease.

The 20V Max System of the saw provides for up to 2.88x application speed, up to 181% additional runtime and 82% additional power.  This system combines superb ergonomics and Lithium-Ion batteries for the best output capability.  The blade is designed for use on different surfaces including wood and metallic surfaces. As such, it is an all-round blade that is ideal for use in typical construction sites.


The DCS380 reciprocating tool is designed for use by both professionals and hobbyists alike. The versatility of the tool makes the saw ready for use at all times and able to tackle different applications in the workshop or any other area. You do not need to set it up or assemble anything in the saw as it is factory assembled and hence it is a pick and use tool. The saw features a neutral design that enables both right and left-handed people to use the saw with great ease and convenience.

The reciprocating saw comes with a 4 –Position-Blade –Clamp that allows for keyless blade changes as well as flush cutting while at the same time allowing for easy reach in tight areas. This goes a long way in increasing performance and increasing efficiency. The versatility of the saw also provides for its enhanced durability and reliability.

Pivoting adjustable shoe

The high-level expertise and professionalism employed in the design and construction of the DCS380B saw ensures that the saw is unique and unmatched by any other saw in the market.   In line with this, the DeWalt saw features a pivoting adjustable shoe that prolongs the blade’s life and allows for enhanced cutting control. As such, the saw is designed uniquely in a way that prevents the extensive wear and tear of the blade or any other part. Consequently, this enhances the lifespan of the saw while at the same time lowering its maintenance expenses and costs.

Balanced weight

The weight of the DCS380B is evenly distributed throughout the saw. As such, it does not feel heavy at any point hence allowing for easy control in the hands. This goes a long way in providing for the ease of handling and control of the saw for purposes of making accurate and precise cuts.  With this saw, you can be guaranteed to undertake tasks such as pruning trees, cutting dimensional lumber, cut angle iron and bolts, and cutting aluminum flat stock.

Minor drawback

The only slight setback you are likely to encounter when using this saw is that the batteries do not last very long. The saw drains batteries depending on the task you are undertaking. For hard tasks like cutting through aluminum and lumber, the batteries are likely to be drained at a faster rate than when pruning trees. Therefore, when using the saw for heavy tasks, you will need to get a set of spare batteries.

Overall, the DeWalt 20V Max DCS380B Review: is a professionally designed reciprocating saw for use by pros and hobbyists alike. This is a tool that hobbyists can use for advancing their cutting skills especially for those keen on becoming professional technicians and construction experts.

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