Hitachi C10FCG Review

The C10FCG miter saw by Hitachi is designed for use by experts who need various cuts at varying angles including those that nearly impossible to achieve with basic saws.  This miter saw comes with the capability of making different angular cuts at varying degrees without causing any damage to surrounding boards or leaving any unsightly marks and dents on the cuts.  The most intriguing aspect about the saw is that it is incredibly flexible and tilts up to 52 degrees on either side; right or left.  This makes the saw impressive to use due to its enhanced functionality. Weighing only 24 pounds, the saw is lightweight hence easy to control and handle.

Hitachi C10FCG Review

15 Amp Motor

For every cutting tool, the key feature to look for in the tool is the cutting power.  This Hitachi saw features a 15 Amp motor that produces sufficient power to cut through even the hardest surfaces.  This powerful motor delivers intense cutting power thereby allowing users to make angular cuts with great ease.  The capacity of the motor makes the saw an ideal choice for use in construction sites as well as for hobbyists use in your home garage.

The only consideration you should make when using the saw is ensuring that you invest in a 12/3 or 10/3 cord with a longer gauge and less length to minimize resistance and hence increase efficiency. His also protects the motor from burning out. The high-output motor makes it possible to make smooth, straight and fast through different materials including aluminum.

Bevel Range

The Hitachi C10FCG saw features a 0-45 degree bevel range that provides for accurate, precise and clean bevel cuts.  What is more unique about the saw is that it features thumb actuated (positive) stops that provide for quick and easy miter adjustments.  Since the saw is a powerful tool, the bevel range is designed to enable users to make perfect angular cuts without any constraints whatsoever.

The miter saw boasts of a 0-52 degree miter-angle range on both right and left sides. This allows for increased flexibility and convenience of use in any working environment.  The miter saw comes with a large table that provides for improved material support combined with a vice clamping system for securing the workpiece.

Ease of Use and Durability

One of the greatest attributes about this saw is that it is easy to use. It does not come with any complicated operation technique or concept. As such, the operation of the saw is quite easy and effortless even for people with little or no prior experience. The only concern to note when using the saw is that you should secure it firmly and keep your fingers away from the blade.  Wrongful handling and operation of the saw can inflict grave injuries.

Hitachi uses high-quality parts in designing and building the C10FCG saw thereby making it expressly durable.  The durability of the saw goes a long way in reducing operational and maintenance costs of using the saw.  However, you should only use the saw as per the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for the saw to last long.  The blade requires replacement regularly depending on the rate of wear and tear.

Dust Collection Port

The design of the C10FCG miter saw by Hitachi puts into consideration the health of the users.  This is because it comes with a dust collection port. The port not only helps in keeping dust away from the face of the user but also helps in keeping the working place clean and organized.

Minor setback

The only slight drawback that users of the saw experience is that the instructional book that comes with the saw does not feature practical guidelines of assembling the saw. However, setting up the tool is quite self-explanatory. Additionally, there are unlimited resources online that users can refer to when setting up the saw.

Conclusion of Hitachi C10FCG Review

By fully utilizing the power and efficiency of the saw, users are able to make perfect cuts when working on your projects.  The saw features adequate adjustments that allow users to make effective cuts depending on the project you are working on.  The most fascinating aspect about the miter saw is that it gives accurate miter, bevel and crosscuts.  With the right blade, you can cut through different materials including making aluminum sashes.  For excellent results, it is advisable to invest in resourceful materials and guidelines on how to make the best angular cuts.  The saw is portable thereby making it easy to move around with it around the workshop and the Jobsite.

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