Wen 3921 16-inch Two-direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

WEN is a popular brand when it comes to power tools and equipment for use in both domestic and industrial workshops. The brand manufactures a wide range of power equipment and tools for all professions. The WEN 3921 is a classic (two-directional) scroll saw that is loaded with tons of extra-ordinary features and enhanced functionality for unmatched performance. Featuring a unique design, you can mount blades onto the saw in two directions; at standard and right-angled degrees for purposes of providing for defined ripping capacity. When the blade is mounted at the standard position, the scroll saw can cut up to 2” thick and a 16” throat depth. This makes the saw ideal for most basic and complex saw cutting needs.

Here are a few unique features about the saw:

WEN 3921 16-Inch Two-Direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review

Build Quality

WEN 3921 saw boasts of high-grade metallic materials that guarantee a high build quality. This makes the saw exceptionally strong and solid. Consequently, the high qualities build materials of the saw play a crucial role in enhancing the saw’s incredible durability. With enhanced stability, it becomes effortless to work with the saw efficiently. This saves you any inconveniences and challenges you may encounter when using a poor quality scroll saw.

The Iron Base of the saw comes with a 16-inch Throat Size that offers additional support to the wooden material you are cutting.  In addition to this, the cast-iron base reduces vibrations and shocks when using the saw.  It goes without saying that this enhances accuracy and stability when cutting. The best thing about the saw is that you do not require any special skills or expertise to operate it.

In-Built Speed Variation

WEN 3921 features unique variable speed functionality. The speed range of the saw is rated at 550-1650 SPM.  This speed variation feature allows you to increase or lower the saw’s speed according to your requirements.  When working on tasks that require the blade to rotate at fast speeds such as when cutting through thick and hard, you just use the speed trigger to increase the speed. The trigger is easy to use for easy speed adjustment.

The speed trigger is conveniently positioned at the saw’s front side. This allows for easy operation of the trigger without changing the position of your hand. Likewise, power switch boasts of a strategic position at the front for unhindered turning on/off of the saw. With these easy control features, your working accuracy is not only improved but you also get to work at a faster and more professional pace.

Inbuilt Dust Port & Air Pump

Ideally, the WEN 3921 saw is designed for convenient use and is packed with tons of features that aim at enhancing work productivity and efficiency. One such feature is the special air pump that is built-in the scroll saw.  The pump blows away any unnecessary dust particles from the work base. This helps in ensuring that you maintain a clean and tidy work surface for excellent results. The pump clears away dust as soon as it produced.

Unlike in most saws where you have to remove dust on the work platform by manually blowing off with a blower or piece of cloth, the air pump in the WEN 3921 is connected to a dust port. This is where the dust blown off from the platform collects. What is unique about this is that it allows you to concentrate on the work platform undeterred by dust or any other form of dirt. You can attach a vacuum cleaner to the dust port to suck up the dust after you are done working.

Extra features

The WEN 3921 comes with additional features that enhance the experience of using and working with the saw. For starters, there is a flexible LED light that allows you to illuminate the working platform when using the saw in poorly lit environments. The light is adjustable thereby giving you the freedom to choose where you want it to shine its light on. What is more unique about the saw is that it features an on-board storage. This storage provides you with space to store your blades, tools and other essentials for easy retrieval when working. The saw also comes with a (hold-down) foot clamp. The clamp secures the project while at the same time ensuring that it remains in the right position for purposes of accuracy.

Minor Drawback

Like other cutting tools and equipment, the WEN 3921 saw comes with a potential safety hazard. This is because if not firmly secured and handled appropriately, it can inflict grave injuries. As such, to ensure that you only use the saw according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and safety provisions.


Wen 3921 16-inch Two-direction Variable Speed Scroll Saw Review: a professionally designed and manufactured saw that features a sturdy build concept.  The saw boasts of lots of functions that are geared to make it easy to use this multi-purpose saw.  It is worth noting that the saw is low-maintenance equipment and therefore not likely to break your bank when maintaining the saw throughout its life.

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